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It's 1937 in the Soviet Union in the coldest part of Siberia. You and the others will do anything it takes to get out of the bitter cold and the torturous Gulag prison. However, there is something much deadlier than the Gulag itself - and it is awake. Will you escape to freedom or face a fate worse than GULAG 6?

Catagory: Role Playing Game
System: Call of Cthulhu
Duration: 4 hours
Players: 5-8
Age: 16+ 

Setting: 1930's - Siberia
Style: Survival
High Violence
Medium Survivability
Some experience recommended

One thing is certain - all of you want to live - and just outside, people are dying or something worse than dead. In a mad rush, you all chose to lock yourselves in this foul room. Survival is first and foremost in everyone’s mind. How long will this wooden structure stand against whatever is out there? Lit by lantern light, you find yourselves in a hidden dungeon for torturing prisoners. Some of you have seen it before, while the rest of you prayed you would never see it. The room reeks of old bloodstains and the lingering sweet stench of death. At this moment, none of you care. There are monsters outside, zombie-like & distorted with demonic glowing red eyes and frozen blue skin. People that used to be guards or prisoners are now something far worse. A chilling silence overcomes all of you as the door is bolted with a resounding ‘thud’ and the only thing you hear are the sounds of your own breathing blending in a cacophony with the screaming wind just outside. That is where this tale begins…


authored by- Angela Souders

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