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What brings out the worst in people? A group of college students now finds that their lives depend on discovering an answer to this age-old question.

Catagory: Role Playing Game
System: Call of Cthulhu
Duration: 4 hours
Players: 4-6

Age: 16+ 
Setting: Modern day 
Style: Investigation 
Medium Violence
Medium Survivability
Experience needed

You are a group of college students in a small mid-western town where nothing much ever happens. But things have been different lately as a series of senseless and violent crimes plagues the campus and the town. As time goes on, it seems you are the only sane ones left in a town on the brink of madness. Explore the darker side of human nature and discover the secret behind everyone's erratic behavior before it's too late.


You do not need specific CoC system or Mythos experience to play and enjoy this game, but it will revolve around intense character drama, so please have solid experience with role-playing in general or be otherwise able to get strongly into a character.


authored by- Cassie Collins

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