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Japan 1930 - The Kinai Maru approaches Shakoatan Island, mist-shrouded home of the Ainu, last stop for world-renowned Harry Wagner and his crew of filmmakers. An R&J Adventure

Catagory: Role Playing Game
System: Call of Cthulhu
Duration: 4 hours
Players: 4-8

Age: 16+ 
Setting: 1930's - Japan 
Style: Action - Far East
High Violence
Low Survivability
No experience needed

Japan 1930 - The freighter Kinai Maru is approaching, Shakoatan Island in the Sea of Okhotsk, the mist-shrouded home of Japan’s aboriginal Ainu. It’s the last stop for world-renowned traveler and film narrator Harry Wagner and his crew, who have been filming in Japan for six months: director, Jack Gaultier, Clarice DuLac Gaultier, Jack’s wife and once-star of the silver screen, former newsreel cameraman Ralph Underwood and his grip ‘Spike’ Thorsen, plus biologist Amanda Lacey and anthropologist Dennis Ingram. Oh, and they picked up a translator and factotum along the way, White Russian expatriate Victor Borodov. 


authored by- Rod Wiesinger and Justine Wiesinger

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