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Cultists of R'lyeh

Do you like Settlers of Catan? Do you like Cthulhu? Then you're going to love Cultists of R'lyeh! Played on a GIANT custom board.

Catagory: Board Game
System: Settlers of Catan
Duration: 2 hours
Players: 2-4

Age: 13+ 

GIANT sized!
No experience needed

It's Settlers of Catan, but themed to the Cthulhu Mythos. We've taken the best board game ever and combined it with the awesomness that is Cthulhu. Why? Because Cthulhu makes everything BETTER! Why collect Lumber and Ore when you can gather Tears of the Forsaken and Blood of the Innocent? Don't just stroll past Hills and Forests, skulk through Cyclopian Ruins and scale Mountans of Madness!

Not only that, but it's GIANT SIZED! You get to play on a one of a kind, hand crafted, three dimensional, painstakingly sculpted, giant sized playing board. The only way this game could be any more awesome, is if we added bacon!

Don't know how to play Catan? We'll teach you. Don't know how to pronounce R'lyeh? No one does!

100 1108c


A home brewed varient of "Settlers of Catan", by Mayfair Games.

Custom board and game pieces created by Marx Stead


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