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Mists of Lochnagar

A German offensive in WWI, set up a observation post in a French abbey. Discover more than the weak resistance. Can you survive the Mists of Lochnagar?

Catagory: Role Playing Game
System: Call of Cthulhu
Duration: 4 hours
Players: 6-8

Age: 16+ 
Setting: WWI - Europe
Style: Action - Military
??? Violence
??? Survivability
Some experience recommended

“Grand army of the Empire! Today we march into victory in this battle and War !” The Reichsmarshal's speech brought energy and enthusiasm to the men. “Bruno ready the machine gun, we move out in morning.” The rain began to fall, it pooled and swirled in strange patterns in the mud. The massive battle line of German soldiers had made the landscape a vast plain of dirt and burned earth. “We must set up areas to observe the enemy!”, said Feldwebel Gonig. “Take your men into the old abbey north west of here and be on lookout for troop movements.” Folker thumbed thru his family bible. Gran must have some words of wisdom in here, he thought. Gebhard was looking thru medical supplies for mission, while Dagmar loaded the crates of ammo in the wagon. The road will be tiring and the mission long. Hopefully you can be home by spring. A large boom echoes in the background as the call to march is sounded.



authored by- Byron Wingate

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