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Cold Case

Taking and elective could be fun? Investigate a murder unsolved for years. Cement your names in history or just become another cold case!

Catagory: Role Playing Game
System: Call of Cthulhu - Cthulhu Invictus
Duration: 4 hours
Players: 6-8

Age: 16+ 
Setting: present day - USA
Style: Investigation
??? Violence
??? Survivability
Some experience recommended

The file clerk walked the 50 feet to the old case files with a tired swagger. She reached for the top shelf but couldn't quite reach the box she wanted. What did it matter? She just pulled one off a more recent shelf. The evidence seal had come loose at one corner. The clerk resealed it and took it to the detective.” Good luck to your students on this case.” said the detective. The professor laughed and commented something about their “A” average and ability to collaborate well.

A dark shape materialized in the corner of the apartment. It sniffed the air searching for it's prey. The beast growled and ran out over the balcony. It hit the street with a thud and seemed to be unhurt by the 50 foot fall. Tail lights blinked out of sight as the car sped around the corner. It seemed to be headed North of Manhattan island.

The students grouped outside the lecture hall anxious for their test scores. Normally they are posted by now, he must want to torture us until class time. The professor’s graduate assistant came up the hall to unlock the door. “Come on in we have a surprise for you today!” She smiled, the grin on her face seemed somewhat maniacal. The professor should be here soon.


authored by- Byron Wingate

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