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Diamonds Are Forever

The sands of time are torn away. A desperate  search for WMD in the shadow of the temple of Ur before they can be used again.

Catagory: Role Playing Game
System: Call of Cthulhu 
Duration: 4 hours
Players: 6-8

Age: 16+ 
Setting: present day - Iraq
Style: Investigation - Action - Millitary
??? Violence
??? Survivability
Some experience recommended

A US airstrike misses its target and causes more destruction and loss of life than expected. A US military investigation reveals the facts don’t add up.  This weapon must be stopped before more lives are lost. Gun fire, history and death in the deserts of ancient Babylon will test the souls of those involved. Can the boots on the ground find the answers or are they in store for more than they bargained. Extraction may be your last hope! Curahee!

(Previously titled "Curahee!")


authored by- Byron Wingate

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