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Abyssal Gate

A military operation on a deep sea station was constructed to study a dimensional anomaly. It has been compromised. What will you find in the abyss?

Catagory: Role Playing Game
System: Call of Cthulhu 
Duration: 4 hours
Players: 6-8

Age: 16+ 
Setting: present day - Under Sea
Style: Investigation - Action
??? Violence
??? Survivability
Some experience recommended

A deep sea research facility named the Poseidon was built at great expense to the US Navy to research a special anomaly in the Marianas Trench. A team of highly trained scientists and military personnel was assigned to the facility, and at first the research team had discovered a great deal about the anomaly and was making regular reports.

As the military had initially thought the anomaly seemed to present significant scientific data and could allow first strike capabilities, without warning, to enemy territory. The science team was making strides to understanding the nature of the anomaly and possibly even being able to activate it or recreate it. Or so it was believed.

Then, after two years, they suddenly stopped sending reports. A few days later the mini submarine used to transport the crew to the station and back surfaced and was transmitting a distress call. The vessel had sustained damage to it’s interior of an unspecified nature and the crew was dead or dying from radiation sickness due to a breach in the subs nuclear reactor.

What fate befell the crew of the Poseidon? What is the status of the station itself? And what about the anomaly? These questions and more need answers and the US military is prepared to send a specialist team down to the Poseidon to get those answers.

What awaits the new team in the depths? What fate befell the initial research and military team? What lurks within the abyss? These answers and more can be found when they enter the Abyssal Gate.


The sequal to, "Terror in the Depths". 


authored by- Tom Arnott

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