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Protean Gambit

In the Hindu Kush, a group of Afghan freedom fighters travels to a meeting with an arms dealer when there is a meteor impact in the nearby mountains.  Meanwhile...

An impact in Russia causes a stir, when a multinational team investigates. Shadow play and anomalies screw with your sanity! Can you save the world?

Catagory: Role Playing Game
System: Call of Cthulhu - Cthulhu Invictus
Duration: 4 hours

Two table event
Players: 6-8 (per table)

Age: 16+ 
Setting: ???
Style: ???
??? Violence
??? Survivability
Experience recommended
By Invitation Only

A celestial body breaks up before impact. Your team investigates the repercussions. Strange readings confirm a larger threat. Your team scrambles to stop it at all costs. Travel the globe in a nonstop thrill ride of death, glory, and eerie strangeness. You may survive, but you will not be unscathed.

A team of Northern Alliance Freedom Fighters moves through the Hindu Kush for a clandestine meeting with American agents that are to deliver a shipment of arms and equipment for your force to use in anti-Taliban operations in the region. They are just hours away from the rendezvous when an explosion is heard and a crash is observed in two separate locations. The team splits to check both sites hoping that, that was not their shipment of arms that just crashed in the mountains. But what they discover instead will test these battle-hardened warriors and force them to rely on every ounce of their training and combat skills just to survive. Can they triumph over such horrors? Can they succeed in their Protean Gambit?


This is the first scenario written for a special event series called Rogue Invitational Play (R.I.P.). Only a hand full of people will ever be able to play in this adventure, as it will only be run once, and only for a group of hand picked players whom Rogue Cthulhu staff will select and contact in advance. 


authored by- Tom Arnott and Byron Wingate

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