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Dead and Dreaming

Then and Now



Probably my favorite blog for Mythos related material, as well as many other areas of interest I seem to share with the proprietor. Propnomicon (http://propnomicon.blogspot.com) has been around for a while now and is updated daily. There are gads of great Mythos artists and prop makers who's work is showcased there. The site's owner is also a talented Mythos prop maker in his own right.

There are a lot of great finds in this site's archives that are worth reviving, so I will likely re-post some of them here from time to time.

Calls For Cthulhu



If you haven't see this before, it is worth a watch. There are several episodes available to view from their home site.

Cthulhu makes everything better

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Good Grief

good grief

It's for you

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Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Hello all.

This here is the new Rogue Cthulhu Blog, which we will fill with whatever Cthulhu related ephemera that suites our fancy. Musings, poems, pictures, memes, links, whatever. If it's Cthulhu, it can find a home here. All our contributing members will have the ability to post to it, so it should see a fair bit of action.

We hope you enjoy it.

Oh yeah!