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Still have questions about Rogue Cthulhu? Maybe this will help. Here are a few of the questions we get asked over and over again from people just like you. We will add to this list as necessary.

Why is your web site so out of date? - Between website management, recruiting, adventure writing, game mastering, office tasks, prop and costume design and manufacture, gathering and creating prizes, organizing inter personnel communications, event scheduling, and on and on and on, it takes a lot of time and work to keep Rogue Cthulhu running strong. As gaming is a hobby for most of us, we have to squeeze in all those tasks between our jobs and home life. Sometimes we can't get everything done. But don't worry, just because we haven't been keeping up with the web site like we should, doesn't mean the passion is dead. It just means we've been putting our efforts into making sure other aspects of Rogue Cthulhu are as good as they can be.

What happened to you guys in 2006? - Vacation baby! A lot of our Game Masters had other commitments and couldn't make it to Origins in 2006. We could still have ran several games, but we would not have had the manpower to put on the Really Big Show that Rogue Cthulhu has come to be known for in recent years. It was decided that rather than scale back, we would take the summer off, play in a few games for a change, and regroup for next year. Don't worry. We haven't abandoned you. We just took a little ciesta.

What about 2009? - Pretty much the same thing as in 2006. Financial constraints had a lot to do with it this time. We couldn't all make it, so we took the year off.

...And 2001? - Well... That time we got ourselves banned from the convention. Our head admin shot his mouth off to the convention staff (about something which they admitted was their stupid mistake) and his "bad attitude" got us all a big thumbs down from WotC (the convention organizers at the time). C'est la guerre.

Will you be coming to (insert name here)Con? - The short answer is, No. It has always been on our list of things to do, to visit other conventions and we even have a couple in mind (i.e. Dragon*Con, AnCon, Con on the Cob and GenCon), but it hasn't happened so far, and it doesn't look like it will any time soon. Most of us can only afford to go to one major convention a year. It is a major undertaking just to get everything pulled together for Origins. To take on another convention, seems very unlikely for the time being.

Can you run events at our local con? - Again, the short answer is, No. Although you might find individual members attending other cons besides Origins, they would most likely do so without the trappings of Rogue Cthulhu. And in the unlikely event RC did make an "official " appearance at another con, it would most likely be only a couple of people doing a few events, and only if the con is also local for the RC members who would be coming. We are not going to travel to other states or haul out the Really Big Show for any of the smaller conventions (less than 3 days, 5000 people), great fun as they may be. It's simply too much work.

Can we run some of your scenarios. - Some authors are happy to have their work showcased whenever, wherever. Some are very protective of their work, and don't want it distributed outside of a small circle of trusted friends. There may be several reasons for this. Perhaps they are thinking of publishing it in a gaming supplement sometime in the future. In any event, all the scenarios we run are copyrighted by their authors. We do not have the authority to send them to you, or to tell you that you can run them, either at home or at your local con. It is his/her work and he/she will have to make that decision. We recommend that you ask the author directly. If you email us your request, we will forward all correspondence to them. It will be up to the authors themselves to reply. We will not give out personal contact information about any members or authors, without their permission.

When do I have to have my adventure I'm writing turned in? - The deadline for adventure submissions is January 15th, for consideration for the June/July Origins of the following year. The reason for this early deadline is that GAMA requires us to have our event schedule finalized and turned in by March in order to have our events listed in the pre-registration book. Any adventures submitted after this deadline, could still possibly make it into the Origins lineup for the upcoming show, but will most likely be considered for the year after.

Why do I have to submit my adventure if I'm going to run it myself? - The simple answer is, you don't. You can run it as an independent GM. But if you're going to run it under the Rogue Cthulhu banner, we do require that your adventure be submitted for review. There are two reasons for this. First, we want to see if your adventure is any good. Theoretically, we'd like to see if you're any good as a GM too, but that's another issue. Second, just in case something happens to you. Like for instance, you mom dies, and you can't come to the con because her funeral is on that weekend. Hey, it's happened to us already! We try to keep working copies of all our scenarios in an archive so that if something should prevent the scheduled GM from fulfilling his commitment, we can always find a replacement GM to run the event. That's hard to do, if you're the only one with a copy of the adventure!

Where are you? Can I come and play with you guys during the year? - There used to be a time when there was a simple answer to that question, but that time has passed. Our membership is scattered all over the country, and beyond. We communicate primarily through email during the year, and many of us only see one another at the show. You can send your city and state that you live in and we will pass along your interest to all our members. It will be up to them to respond if they are nearby and interested in making contact with you.

Do you ship products internationally? - Sometimes. It depends on the product, and where it is going. The products we have listed as available on this web page, come from a variety of sources. For example, books that are ordered through Amazon.com, from this web page, are subject to Amazon.com's shipping policies. The same is true for t-shirts and other products ordered from CafePress. Only items that we sell through eBay and through our Web Store are shipped by us. Some of those products we can ship internationally, but some we will not for various reasons. Please check the individual item's listing to see if international shipping is available.

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