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Rogue Cthulhu Mission Statement


What is Rogue Cthulhu?

Who We Are:

We’re gamers. We’re not corporate pawns, puppets, or flunkies. We’re not media moguls, marketing gurus, or captains of industry. We are the consumers and users of gaming products big and small. Gamers are the heart and soul of this industry. We created it, developed it, and sustain it. We will still be gaming even after the corporate giants suck the last breath of life, and the last dollar from it.

Rogue Cthulhu is the first stage of an expanding organization built by, of, and for gamers committed to providing and supporting quality role playing games at gaming conventions. It is also the beginning of a movement to raise the standard of quality in role playing events presented at conventions, and to make those conventions more responsive to the public that makes them possible.

What We Want To Do:

We want to play role playing games. We want to create and present role playing games for others to play. We want to improve the quality of game play and the overall gaming experience the average role player can expect to find at his/her favorite gaming convention. We want to provide an outlet for authors to reach their target audiences and a showcase for their work to present it to industry leaders.

Starting with Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG, we plan to raise the standard of role playing at the Origins Gaming Convention by offering an alternative that we consider to be better than the average fair found there in past years. We chose Origins because it is the second largest gaming convention in the country, and because it is close to home for many of the core Rogue members. We also chose it because we have been there in the past and seen the injustices done to Call of Cthulhu players at the hands of the former established event organizers. We chose Call of Cthulhu because it is one of our favorite game systems and genres, and because it was in those games that we witnessed the most appalling treatment which eventually sparked the beginning of this movement.

We plan to make Rogue Cthulhu the premier event organizers for Call of Cthulhu games at Origins. We also plan to make Origins the largest and best Call of Cthulhu gamer gathering in the country.

What We Refuse To Do:

We refuse to commit to something we can’t provide. We realize that shit happens. Deaths, natural disasters, and other such things that are beyond human control can prevent a scheduled event from taking place, but every effort should be made to fulfill one’s commitments. Switched events, and especially cancellations, should hardly ever happen.

We refuse to supply second rate adventures featuring superfluous characters, unreasonable goals, and incredible leaps of logic.

We refuse to provide Game Masters who are unfamiliar with the game system, unrehearsed on the adventure, and generally unprepared for the game session.

We refuse to treat any player like a second class citizen regardless of their "membership" status.

We refuse to employ elitist ranking schemes designed to segregate our players.

We refuse to allow point systems, surveys, or player data collection to become more important than the game that brought you here in the first place.

We refuse to allow corporate policies or politics to handicap players, authors, or Game Masters.

We refuse to cave in, sell out, give up, or kiss ass.

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