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Con on the Cob 2012

Even though it has always been one of our group goals, and despite having been in operation for over a dozen years, 2012 marks the first time Rogue Cthulhu has officially made an appearance at a gaming convention other than Origins. Con on the Cob was our first "away game", and it went splendidly! Five RC GMs hosting nineteen rpg events over four days. The CotC heads seemed very pleased with our show, and some of our members even got a standing ovation when Andy Hopp made an impromptu introduction for them at one of his seminars. 

This being our first appearance at Con on the Cob, we expected that we would not yet have much of a following, and we were skeptical about the player base and how many events we could fill. But only four events were canceled for lack of players. And we were especially surprised to see how many of our fans from Origins were there! 

One of the show highlights, for GM and players alike, was the reprisal of our popular adult-only game "AC/DC", which has been barred form play at Origins in recent years due to its adult themes. Perhaps the "Shubby Sunday" line-up will find a new outlet!

Attending Rogue members were so pleased with the weekend's festivities that we are already making plans to attend both AnCon and Con on the Cob next year. 

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