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AnCon 2013 Report

Rogue Cthulhu made its second convention appearance at a con outside of Origins at AnCon 2013. Sadly, AnCon 2013 was not the success that Con on the Cob 2012 was. In fact it was a major bust. Our room set up was largely the same as for Con on the Cob, except for the introduction of a new inflatable that we now call "Mr. Fister". Our event schedule included several new games that will also be run at Origins 2013. We scheduled a respectable 25 event slots, but sadly, only four of those games played. And those only played because our GMs helped to fill the seats. According to the AnCon facebook page, guest turnout was good (record breaking even). We really have no idea why our room was so empty, but it doesn't bode well for our return. We wish we could say more about the con, but frankly not too much happened, at least not that we saw. Sorry guys. We tried.

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