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Origins 2012

Origins 2012 was a great year for Rogue Cthulhu. Unlike many previous years, we did not encounter any significant administrative problems, either internally or with the convention administration. 2012 saw the final running of the seminal dance party/larp "Club Carcosa", which is now officially retired. The event was well received and had good attendance. Though perhaps not as good as the 2010 running, it was a great game and we are proud to see it end on a high note. 

This was the first year for veteran GM Brandon Gillespie to run events with RC. He had a great time and his games went very well. We expect to see more of him in years to come. 

Despite low convention attendance, most of RC's events were sold out and filled to capacity. Out of over 40 game slots scheduled, only 3 had to be canceled due to lack of players, one was canceled due to technical problems (could not print out character sheets), and one was canceled due to the GM loosing her voice (those players were absorbed by another game table). 

RC has already recruited several new GMs for next year, and we have several more possible leads. Already signed up to run events with us are Preston Becker and Cassie Collins. Both of whom are long time players in Rogue events. If everyone returns as expected and all our new GMs follow through, we will have the biggest GM pool for 2013 in Rogue history!

The Rogue Cthulhu web site is currently undergoing a major re-boot. We will be migrating all our old content over to the new site over the next few weeks, as well as crafting the look and feel of the new site into its final form. Many great things are planned, so please stop back and check out the new digs. 

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