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New prizes from Chaosium

Call of Cthulhu game publisher, Chaosium, has donated a large collection of new prizes to the Rogue Prize Table for 2012. In addition, we still have many unique items donated from sponsors from previous years and a few new items from other sponsors as well.

Club Carcosa at Origins 2010

This year, the ever popular Rogue Cthulhu event, CLUB CARCOSA, will be bigger and better than ever. We will be having a PROFESSIONAL guest DJ and a PROFESSIONAL LASER LIGHT SHOW. Also, REAL ALCOHOL will be available! Entry to the dance party is FREE. Tickets to take part in the larp are only $6 (event #2212). Prizes will be awarded ...for larp players. This is a ONE NIGHT ONLY event takeing place FRIDAY at 11pm in Battelle Hall.

Free movie screenings

Once again, Rogue Cthulhu will be hosting free screenings of select Mythos genre films in our game room (Battelle Hall-2) throughout the weekend. Titles and times will be posted. Thank you to all the film producers, and to GAMA, for allowing this to be a part of our show.

Rogue Cthulhu on Twitter

Rogue Cthulhu is now on Twitter. You can follow along @roguecthulhu.

Schedule errata 2010

The pre-show online registration for Origins events has closed, so this is a little late, but we just noticed there was an error in one of the event times. Event #6122(?) - "AotE and the Carnival of Fear" was listed as running on Friday, at 6AM. The event is actually running on Friday at 6pm. The correction has been made by GAMA, so it should show up on the eratta sheet at the show.

Also, some people have inquired about the late night events, "Club Carcosa" and "The Space Between". They show upo on the registration system as being only 55min. long, which is not true. This is due to a problem with the way the registration system handles dates and times. These are standard 3hr. 45min. events. 

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