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Schedule errata 2010

The pre-show online registration for Origins events has closed, so this is a little late, but we just noticed there was an error in one of the event times. Event #6122(?) - "AotE and the Carnival of Fear" was listed as running on Friday, at 6AM. The event is actually running on Friday at 6pm. The correction has been made by GAMA, so it should show up on the eratta sheet at the show.

Also, some people have inquired about the late night events, "Club Carcosa" and "The Space Between". They show upo on the registration system as being only 55min. long, which is not true. This is due to a problem with the way the registration system handles dates and times. These are standard 3hr. 45min. events. 

Bye bye, Shubby Sunday

Long time players will note that this year's schedule does not feature any events on Sunday. Sunday is the day we traditionally reserve for our adult only adventures known as Shubby Sunday events. This year we actually had scheduled two more Shubby Sunday events than usual, but the GAMA staff rejected all of our adult themed events. In our early communications with GAMA, they told us that a new adventure, "The Glass Unicorns", was being rejected due to the fact that the scenario centered around child abuse, a very hot-button topic in today's society. The veteran event "White Water Ahead!" was also rejected. When asked why, one GAMA staffer said "sodomy" was the reason (despite this being the 21st century, and our argument that the event does not necessarily feature sodomy). We asked if their objection was to any sexually themed material, and they said "no". However, after asking us to submit a synopsis of all our Shubby Sunday events, they were all rejected as being innappropriate for the convention. Rogue Cthulhu made every effort to make assurances that these events were isolated from under-aged players and that the players who participated were well informed of their content and that they have been well recieved in the past. Our arguments, however, were ineffective at reversing the decision. We hope that in years to come, we will be able to bring back this unique track of adult gaming. If you want to see Shubby Sunday or other sexually themed events at Origins, please cointact the GAMA event staff and let them know.

Rogue Cthulhu's 10 year anniversary

2008 markes the 10 year anniversary of Rogue Cthulhu presenting events ar Origins. Looking back at the past 10 years, I am proud of the effort we put forth. We have accomplished everything we had set out to do and more than we though possible. Rogue Cthulhu began as a club in the summer of 1998 and debued at Origins 1999 with an unprecidented 30 Call of Cthulhu event slots. After a forced hiatus in 2001, RC returned to Origins in 2002 with "The Really Big Show", blowing away all expectations with an unparralelled production of costumes, lights, sound, decorations and of course the best CoC roll playing games available. Taking a break (this time voluntary) in 2006, RC returned once again in 2007 to continue the tradition of greatness. The years have brought about many changes for RC, including a nearly complete turenover of key personnel, but the spirit of improving the gaming experience and the commitment to excellence has never wavered. Now, 2008 markes Rogue Cthulhu's 10 year anniversary (although only its 8th showing at Origins), and we have some great treats in store for all our loyal fans!

Don't call it a come back

Rogue Cthulhu will be in full effect at the 2010 Origins Game Fair. Our schedule has been submitted and it looks like another record breaking year for the O.G. (original guerilla) role-players. This summer's show boasts a jaw dropping 47 event slots, three of which are LARP events, including a resurrected Club Carcosa.

We are currently making arrangements with GAMA to make this year's Club Carcosa the BIGGEST EVER! We're talking about a HUGE ballroom, a professional guest DJ, a bar serving real alchohol and convention wide promotion!

Our web page is (finally) undergoing some much needed updates, and will soon be back up to speed. Stay tuned. 

Screenings of The Whisperer in Darkness movie

Released in October of 2007, The Whisperer in Darkness is a full length production of the classic H.P. Lovecraft tail presented by Gravehill Productions. We will be offering a screening of this new film in the Rogue Room this year at Origins. Special thanks to Gravehill Productions for allowing us to screen their film and for sending us a few copies of the DVD for the Rogue Prize Table!

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