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New additions to the RC background score

Over the years, Rogue Cthulhu has amassed an awsome collection of creepy background music to add to the atmosphere of our play area. This year the RC background score gets even better with the addition of numerous tracks by The Unquiet Void. We would like to thank Jason Wallach for his contribution to our gaming experience, as well as for generously supplying us with a few copies of his CDs for the Rogue Prize Table.

Cthulhu plushies added to Prize Table

Thanks to a generous donation by online gaming retialer Troll and Toad, the Rogue Prize Table is now brimming with Cthulhu Plushies! Thank you Troll and Toad, from the softest, warmest, fuzziest places in our hearts.

HorrorClix events added to RC schedule

Rogue Cthulhu is adding four slots of HorrorClix to its 2007 schedule. HorrorClix is the hot new horror based miniatures game by WizKids, made in the same system as Mage Knight and HeroClix. These events are a late addition, and so they may not be available for purchase through the Origins website, but event tickets should be available on-site. Players will need to bring their own game pieces. WizKids Games has also been added to this year's growing list of prize sponsors!

Rogue Cthulhu at Origins 2008

To answer all your's questions, YES, Rogue Cthulhu will be attending Origins 2008. We will have our event schedule submitted to GAMA very shortly. We have some new adventures and we will have some other new suprises for all of you.

Screenings of The Call of Cthulhu movie

Rogue Cthulhu will be hosting unofficial screenings of the underground hit silent movie "The Call of Cthulhu", produced by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. These screenings will take place in the Rogue Cthulhu room during the break on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 5pm. The film runs 49min. No event ticket is necessary. Bring your own popcorn.

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