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Rogue Cthulhu returns to Origins in 2007

After last year's hiatus, many thought that they may have seen the last of Rogue Cthulhu, but they were wrong. Rogue Cthulhu is proud to announce that we will be returning to Origins in 2007 with more of what you love. New adventures, new Game Masters, new special effects, the return of the Notorious B.I.C. and a whole lot of creepy cthulian fun! Also, making an encore appearance at Origins 2007 is Jennifer Waddington, our cthulhu cultist from across the sea. She will be bringing with her several new adventures with which to corrupt your fragile minds. So, come one and come all, to the glorious return of the greatest Call of Cthulhu gaming group of all time!

Rogue Cthulhu on hiatus for 2006

Many of you have been wondering "Where is Rogue Cthulhu this year?" Well, we took the summer off. Several of our GMs had previously told us that they would be unavailable this year due to other committments. When it came time to set up the schedule it was clear that we would not be able to put on the Really Big Show that you all know and love. Rather than put on a much smaller schedule of events and have none of the special features that we work so hard at, we decided to take the summer off, and play in a few games for once. We spent this year relaxing, playing in games by Miskatonic Skulls and Shoggoth.net, and working on recruiting for next year's show. Don't worry, Rogue Cthulhu isn't finished yet. We're just taking a long needed rest.

New visual effects for the Rogue room

Posters are nice, and everyone loves Cthulhu artwork, but how how would you like to see your Cthulhu artwork plastered 12 feet high across the Rogue Cthulhu gaming room wall! RC has moved into the realm of high tech with new equipment that will allow us to turn the entire wall into an art display. Look for us to make even more improvements to the spectical known as the Rogue Room in seasons to come.

RC website lagging behind

Even as Rogue Cthulhu closes the 2005 season with yet another chart topping show, some fans have noticed that the scrapbook from last year has yet to appear. Also, there haven't been any Newsletters sent for quite a while. As we push ourselves to expand ever onward, the effort it takes to keep up with the little things, like web maintinance, gets greater and greater. As you can see, our website updates have fallen a bit behind. But we promise you that some day, eventually, we will catch up.

Adventures from across the pond

This year Rogue Cthulhu presents four new adventures and a new Game Master imported for your pleasure from across the great expance of nothing we call the Atlantic Ocean. Jennifer Waddington hails from the merry ol' isle of England, and she brings with her four brand new adventures with an unmistakable British flavor. Thursday, Goodnight Children Everywhere, Live and Direct, and A Distant Pale. You're gonna luv'em gov'ner!

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