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Enter, the Notorious B.I.C.

Following the departure of the beloved BSP last summer, the Rogue Cthulhu gang had been feverishly searching for the next icon to represent RC in our gaming den. Well, we found it. Enter, the Notorious B.I.C. (Big Inflaitable Cthulhu) This seven foot tall, articulated, air filled wonder of eldrich horror will preside over our unhallowed halls while we bring you the best Call of Cthulhu gaming imaginable. All hail the B.I.C.!

Midnight Syndicate to donate prizes for 2005

Ohio recording artists and dark ambiant music legends, Midnight Syndicate, have teamed up with Rogue Cthulhu, GAMA and Chaosium to promote their latest release The 13th Hour. The band has agreed to donate a T-shirt, a copy of their new CD, and other promotional materials, to aid in the Rogue Movement. Tracks from The 13th Hour, as well as previous Midnight Syndicate CDs, will be featured in this year's haunting background score which will be played throughout the weekend in the Rogue Room. The T-Shirt and other items will be added to our ever expanding Prize Table. For more information about Midnight Syndicate's promotion of their latest release at Origins, visit their web site at www.midnightsyndicate.com.

Cthulhuthon '04 goes bust

Much to the frustration of all those involved, an unfortunate string of failures and shortcomings, for which both Rogue Cthulhu and GAMA directors can be blamed, led to the collapse of the much vaunted Cthulhuthon 2004. For those interested in the whys and the wherefores (also known as whys, if you speak Old English), here is how it played out.

- First, nearly no Cthulhuthon ribbons were sold due to the fact that a computer error mistakenly displayed them as sold out on the Origins web site, and so were not able to be purchased until right before the show.
- Second, prior to the show, several failed attempts were made by RC officials to get information on the other Cthulhuthon events and to ascertain exactly what GAMA's expectations were for this program. Very few details as to GAMA's expectations, and no information as to the non-RC events was given until after the start of the con.
- Third, when substantive contact with GAMA officials was finally made Thursday afternoon, after the start of the show, Mark Santillo outlined his vision for the Cthulhuthon, but did not have the needed forms or any of the information on the other events (such as which events qualified for Cthulhuthon, or where and when they were playing) to give to the RC organizers who were tasked with running Cthulhuthon. RC did strive to fabricate forms, but they were not ready for use until late on Thursday. We also devised a method of disseminating the forms and instructions to the other GM's via a collection bin and notice board located outside our room, but it proved to be ineffective.
- Fourth, RC was itself struggling with a manpower shortage and a considerable amount of additional drain on its resources caused by the unexplained disappearance of one of its members, for whom an intensive search effort was conducted (see News & Rumors: "Rogue GM goes MIA"). This left us too distracted and understaffed to give the amount of attention that the sagging Cthulhuthon would have required to compensate for its lack of pre-production. All available resources were consumed with maintaining the scheduled RC events, and searching for our lost comrade. Cthulhuthon, was put on the proverbial "back burner".
- Fifth, part of Santillo's vision for Cthulhuthon 2004 included an award ceremony which was to be conducted on Sunday, where prizes would be awarded to the players who had accumulated the most points throughout the con. He was firm that only players who stayed for the ceremony would receive prizes. However, not a single person came to the RC room on Sunday to inquire about the ceremony, which worked out well, because by Sunday, GAMA had neither given us any instructions as to what this ceremony was to entail, nor given us any prizes to distribute.
- And lastly, upon reviewing the pitiful few forms that were submitted (even some of our own GM's failed on this point), there was little point in having an awards ceremony, as nearly every ballot espoused a different name. Any "winner" could only have been determined because his name came up twice.

There you have it. An anatomy of a failed project. 

Shoggoth.net replaces RC as Cthulhuthon '05 administrators

In a move that should surprise no one, GAMA has decided to bestow the task of running this year's Cthulhuthon to Shoggoth.net administrator David Noal. No doubt Rogue Cthulhu's disappointing performance with last year's Cthulhuthon, and Shoggoth.net's strong relationship with Chaosium contributed to the switch. While one might view this as a hit to RC's pride, we are in fact relieved that we will be able to focus on our own show and be saved from another possible embarrassment. Rogue Cthulhu administrators have had lengthy discourse with the new Cthulhuthon administrators to help them to avoid some of the failures that killed last year's Cthulhuthon, and we are working closely with GAMA, David Noal and other Shoggoth.net people to help make this year's Cthulhuthon, as well as our own events, an unparalleled success. Rogue Cthulhu is also pleased by the opportunity this has afforded us to increase our interaction and strengthen our ties with Shoggoth.net, its people, and other groups in the Mythos community. We wish David luck with this undertaking, and pledge to provide whatever assistance we are able to ensure a good time is had by all Cthulhu fans.

Farewell to the BSP

You know him, you love him, he's that eight foot tall monstrous assembly of roughly anthropomorphic plastic sheeting, with red glowing orbs and tentacular protrusions who presides over the Rogue Cthulhu room like a sovereign Elder God of Gaming. He's the Big Steaming Pile! But where is the BSP? Rumor has it that he did not travel home with the rest of the Rogues. Alas, this rumor is TRUE. The BSP did not make the return trip to Canton, and this was his intention from the onset. The BSP had planned to retire at the conclusion of this year's show. Long had he toiled over the decision, but ultimately he knew what had to be done. When asked why this would be his last performance as the centerpiece to the Rogue room, he stated, "I want to go out like all the Great (old) Ones of the past.. On top!" But do not despair, Rogue Cthulhu is already interviewing for his replacement. The (elder) Gods willing, next year will mark the beginning of a new era, and will see a new King reign supreme over our dark and hallowed halls.

UPDATE: Apparently unable to walk away from the spotlight, the BSP was seen leaving Origins with representatives from BashCon. It is rumored that he is in negotiations with them concerning representing their Cthulhu events for next year, and if things go well, possibly engaging in a long term contract. We will post confirmation of this rumor when it becomes available.

UPDATE: It has been relayed to RC staff that the BSP never made it to BashCon. In fact, he never made it home with his new owners. As the story goes, the driver who was transporting the BSP was in a car crash on the way home from Origins. As it turns out, having the BSP stuffed into her car served to cushion the impact and possible saved the driver's life. This heroic end only serves to deepen our affection for our bygone mascot. Elder Gods speed BSP.

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