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Keeper X in mourning

Don Johnson, author, game master and one of Rogue Cthulhu's cornerstone members, suffered a tragic loss this summer which prevented him from attending Origins. Only hours before show time, Keeper X's mother, who's health had been deteriorating, died while in the hospital.

What happened to Uncle Selrach?

Some of you may have noticed that the Prize Table items from Uncle Selrach were absent from this year's show. More astute readers may have also observed that the Uncle Selrach's Dunwich Church Supply web site is currently off line. There have been rumors that Uncle S. has been suffering from ill health in recent months. While this, nor the ultimate fate of Uncle S. can not be confirmed, his mysterious absence from the eBay scene has many people wondering; What happened to Uncle Selrach? We can only say that, while Uncle Selrach had promised to contribute some of his unique sculpture art for the 2003 Prize Table, no items arrived at RC headquarters, and no answer was received to our most recent emails. The mystery remains unsolved to date.

Club Carcosa is back!

Last year's ATTWO episode has earned its own special place in our hearts, hereafter known as Club Carcosa. Its back this year on its own day and time with a new improved dance mix, door prizes, pre-generated characters and sub-plots to keep you busy while the clock counts down to oblivion.

Hot new Rogue Cthulhu merchandise

We have just updated our line of Rogue Cthulhu merchandise on CafePress.com by adding several new products, like stickers, steins, greeting cards, lady's camisoles and infant creepers. We have also added some hot new artwork, courtesy of ZARONO. Check out the Rogue Merchandise page to see all our cool gear! All profits from Rogue Gear go towards making our show the best that it can be. So stock up today!

The 2003 schedule errata is UP

The event schedule for Origins 2003 is now available on the Origins On-line event list, however there are still a few errors on that list that we have been working to correct. Please note that the event schedule listed on our web page, HERE, is correct.

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