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Origns 2013 Schedule Posted

The event schedule for Origins 2013 has been posted in the Schedule tab. You can view it HERE.

Origins 2013 will be the largest show in Rogue Cthulhu history! This year we are bringing 16 Game Masters to run a mind blowing 71 events, including 61 RPGs, 1 LARP, 6 tabletop board games and 2 tabletop card games. All told, Rogue is running a grand total of 268 hours of gaming excellence!

Joining us for the first time this year will be Preston Becker, Cassie Collins, Randy Wingate, Bob Geis, Dave Paquette, Dave Condon, Jake McFarland and returning from an extended absence is RC's very own "Keeper X", Don Johnson- one of the original Four Horsemen of Rogue Cthulhu.

Also gracing the event schedule for the very first time will be Cthulhu Fluxx, Munchkin Cthulhu, and Cultists of R'lyeh (a home brewed Cthulhu themed Settlers of Catan clone).

Rogue Cthulhu Blog Launched

Now that we're finally making a little progress on the web page update, RC has just launched a new blog to showcase some of the great Cthulhu related stuff that we all like, but that isn't necessarily about Rogue Cthulhu. When fully operational, all contributing RC members will be able to post articles to the blog, and registered site members will be able to suggest articles for inclusion. To view the latest posts, click on the Blog link in the top menu bar. We hope you all enjoy it.

Origins 2012

Origins 2012 was a great year for Rogue Cthulhu. Unlike many previous years, we did not encounter any significant administrative problems, either internally or with the convention administration. 2012 saw the final running of the seminal dance party/larp "Club Carcosa", which is now officially retired. The event was well received and had good attendance. Though perhaps not as good as the 2010 running, it was a great game and we are proud to see it end on a high note. 

This was the first year for veteran GM Brandon Gillespie to run events with RC. He had a great time and his games went very well. We expect to see more of him in years to come. 

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Con on the Cob 2012

Even though it has always been one of our group goals, and despite having been in operation for over a dozen years, 2012 marks the first time Rogue Cthulhu has officially made an appearance at a gaming convention other than Origins. Con on the Cob was our first "away game", and it went splendidly! Five RC GMs hosting nineteen rpg events over four days. The CotC heads seemed very pleased with our show, and some of our members even got a standing ovation when Andy Hopp made an impromptu introduction for them at one of his seminars. 

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Club Carcosa - Last Call at Origins 2012

It's finally here, the end of the world! This year, will be the last year on record, and thus the last ever CLUB CARCOSA event. In case you've lived under a rock for the past 10 years, Club Carcosa is a rocking dance party/larp with live dancing, a light show and great music. It's the party at the end of the world! Entry to the dance party is FREE. Tickets to take part in the larp are only $6 (event #2242). Prizes will be awarded ...for larp players. This is a ONE NIGHT ONLY event takeing place FRIDAY at 11pm in the Fayette room, Hyatt.

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