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Rogue banned because of No-Show

A rumor has been circulating which attributes the WotC banning of Rogue Cthulhu to a west coast convention, for which Rogue did not show up, leaving both the fans and the convention staff in the lurch. This rumor is entirely FALSE. Rogue Cthulhu, to date, has never canceled an appearance in such a manner, and has in fact, never scheduled themselves to appear at any convention besides Origins and DragonCon. Note: Since then, Rogue Cthulhu has had to cancel their appearance at DragonCon 2001. However, the DragonCon staff has been notified well in advance. 

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WotC bans Rogue Cthulhu from Origins and GenCon in 2001

In a heated exchange of emails between Rogue Cthulhu and Wizards of the Coast Events Management staff, Rogue has been declared persona non grata by WotC. The group and all its members will be prohibited from running events or promoting Rogue Cthulhu at both Origins and GenCon in 2001.
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We'll be back in 2002 !!

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