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Rogue Points & Prizes

     In 2002, at the Origins Gaming Convention, Rogue Cthulhu unveiled a new program that put all other meaningless point award schemes to shame. And this year we are proud to continue bringing you..


      You don't have to settle for hollow platitudes, egocentric titles or buckets full of umpteengazillion imaginary I'm-better-than-you points that go nowhere and do nothing. Imagine getting instant rewards for exceptional role-playing that you can turn into FABULOUS PRIZES!!!

How to get them...
      You can get your Rogue Points by playing in any of our role playing events at Origins (and most other gaming cons that we attend). As you play, the Game Master will hand out point chips of varying denominations to players who's performance warrants special recognition. Even if you fail to solve the adventure, even if your character dies a horrible and hideous death (especially if your character dies a horrible and hideous death !), even if you have to leave before it's over, YOU CAN STILL GET PRIZES! And there's no way for the other players to "beat" you, as there is no quota or limit on the number of points awarded and these point awards are purely discretionary, so IMPRESS US!!!

How to use them...
      The sky is the limit on what you can do with these little beauties once they are in your hands. You can drill a hole through them and wear them like jewelry, take them home and use them to level that wobbly end-stand, or re-tile you bathroom floor with them. You can even grind them into a fine powder and sprinkle them like fairy dust to ward off evil spirits while you sleep.
      But you'll probably want to save them up and cash them in at the Rogue Prize Table for a variety of gaming delights that can be yours for the taking. Deep in the recesses of the Rogue Cthulhu Room at Origins (and other cons), you will find the Rogue Prize Table, where there will be displayed a plethora of goodies, each marked with a point value. Some will be little things that are cheap enough for anyone to get with just one chip, and some will be super extra special prizes that will take some saving up for. But don't worry, the Rogue Prize Table will be there as long as Rogue Cthulhu is there, so you can save up all weekend, or even over several years in order to get the really big prizes.
      Put your chips in the self serve receptacle at the Prize Table, and choose your prize. It's that easy. The Prize Table works on the honor system, but those of you who are without honor beware, the Great Old Ones are watching your every move!

What makes Rogue Points better than the experience points those other guys give out?
      One word. SWAG. Rogue Points do more than send you away with a five digit integer, we let you walk away with REALLY COOL STUFF! Need we say more? Remember, Rogue Points are only available by playing in Rogue Cthulhu gaming events, so sign up today!

     So Now that you have your hands on some Rogue Points, what can you get for them? Well...

"Don Pardo, tell them what they've won... "

     Rogue Cthulhu events now offer a myriad of exciting prizes for all their gaming events. Here is a list of just some of the prize options you might find on the Rogue Prize Table.

  • Games and Supplements -
    Numerous verities of new and used gaming materials, Cthulhu related and non-Cthulhu related alike, including; board games, miniatures games, RPGs, complete game systems, official expansions & supplements, and generic game supplements for a variety of systems and genres. And of course, we feature numerous Call of Cthulhu rpg suppliments.
  • Lovcraftian Fiction-
    Volume after volume of Cthulhu Cycle Mythos fiction by H.P. and his contemporaries and successors.
  • CDs and DVDs-
    Audio CDs from your favorite gaming genre artists like Nox Arcana and Midnight Syndicate. As well as DVDs of some great Mythos genre films.
  • Diplomas & Certificates -
    A variety of custom designs to choose from, including; Miskatonic University diplomas, Arkham Asylum release certificates, MU Campus Library cards and student IDs, and various other game aids and fun novelties.
  • Eldritch Tomes -
    Hand made original blasphemous books, preternatural pages and sacrilegious scrolls to fill your darkest nightmares.
  • Sculpytmtures -
    A plethora of custom designed and hand sculpted and painted novelty items to spice up your game room, such as: cast stone elder signs; painted sculpy mythos statues; cast resin refrigerator magnets bearing the elder sign, yellow sign & eye of Azathoth; "My Pet Shoggoth" dolls; and many other interesting Cthulhu handicrafts.
  • Buttons -
    A Rogue Cthulhu staple from the beginning, we have dozens of different buttons featuring catchy Cthuloid quips, Rogue Cthulhu logos, and custom mythos artwork for you to wear and share. Show your support by sporting a Rogue button.
  • Plushies -
    We are now proud to offer some of the worlds greatest plush dolls, Cthulhu Plushies!
  • Gamer Kitch -
    Dice bags, glass counters, dice sets, coffee mugs, laser pointers, posters, promotional items, and much more.
  • Computer Software -
    A variety of free computer software for gamer geeks, including Ubuntu Linux, Byakhee CoC Character Creator, AutoRealm Campaign Mapper, Screen Monkey GM tool, OpenOffice business suite, The OpenCD free software collection, and more.

    Our prize table is constantly being improved and our stock is constantly being added to (and depleted). All items and their point values are subject to change. The photos posted here are for example. We can not guarantee that any particular item will be available at any particular time.

    We would like to thank all the great sponsors, artists and companies who have donated items to our Prize Table. Please visit their web sites and tell them how much you appreciate their support of Rogue Cthulhu.
Troll and Toad
MRX Designs

Nox Arcana
Monolith Graphics
H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society
Arkham Bazaar
Sigh Co. Graphics
Fellowship of the White Star
Gravehill Productions
The Unquiet Void
Gallery of Cthulhu
MeatSpider Studios
T Shirt Bordello
Cthulhu Live
Midnight Syndicate
Dagon Industries
Pagan Publishing
Atlas Games

     We would love to add your link to this list! If you have any Mythos related paraphernalia you would be willing to donate to the cause, please Contact us.

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