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Rogue Cthulhu to run Cthulhuthon '04

GAMA has entrusted the administration of this year's Cthulhuthon to your favorite band of rebels, Rogue Cthulhu. The Cthulhuthon will include not only all R.C. events, but events from Chaosium and a few independent GMs. All manner of Lovecraftian genre gaming is included in this special track for which gamers can buy a special ribbon to access all of its events (registration for specific events still required to reserve seating, see the Origins home page for more details). In addition to the Rogue Points we will be handing out for all R.C. events, GAMA will be giving out prizes for Cthulhuthon events by means of GMs voting for their favorite players. These prizes will be awarded on Sunday in the Rogue Cthulhu room (C125).

Oh yeah!