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Rogue GM goes MIA

Regular visitors to the Rogue Room this year may have noticed a little more tension in the air this year (more than normal, anyway). Lots of concerned looks, tired GM's, frequent visits from GAMA directors, and the occasional appearance of Columbus City Police may have caught your attention. Whispers about a missing person soon circulate. Sadly, these rumors were TRUE. Late Thursday night, after his appearance in "And Then There Was One", long time Rogue GM, Mike "Squatch" Haslar, vanished without a trace. No word, no note, no hint, no clue. No fight, no qualm, no reason. No answer to the dozens of calls to his cell phone, just gone.

After he failed to show up for two consecutive scheduled events, the rest of the Rogue Cthulhu team called out the hounds. All attending RC members pitched in to join the search, and cover the empty event slots. GAMA was notified and helped with the search, and eventually, a missing persons report was filed with the Columbus police department. All to no avail. By the end of the con on Sunday afternoon, Mike has still not been successfully contacted or located.

However, this story does have a happy ending. Squatch was successfully contacted the following Monday at his work. He was unharmed and finally the search could be called off. Mike apologized for his disappearance, but gave no explanation besides to say that he was experiencing "personal problems". The other good news was, that all of his events were covered by the outstanding devotion of the other Rogue GM's. Great job guys! 

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