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Rogue pulls off biggest show to date

Despite taking on additional responsibilities beyond the running of our own show (ill fated as those might have been), despite the noted absence of two of RC's core members and work-horse GM's, and the eventual unexplained disappearance of a third and despite the cancellation of two Shubby Sunday events, Rogue Cthulhu managed to successfully service more players and run more event hours than ever before.

This year's absence of Jeff and Don, left a lot of work for the remaining Rogue GM's. Per capita event hours were reaching record levels. When Mike disappeared, that left a deficit of over twenty hours of events. But to the credit of all the remaining RC gang, nearly all of those hours were covered. And with the on-site addition of four slots ran by Shoggoth.net's David and Matt, even those players who signed up for slots which were supposed to be canceled before the show began (but were mistakenly never removed from the database) had a good time. The only events which were canceled on-site due to the massive manpower shortage, were the two Shubby Sunday events. With the addition of those extra events, our number of event hours rose to its highest level ever, even after figuring in the last minute cancellation of the two Sunday events.

All of Rogue Cthulhu's GM's who rose to the occasion are deserving of the highest accolades for their outstanding performance under an incredible workload. Thank you all! 

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