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Farewell to the BSP

You know him, you love him, he's that eight foot tall monstrous assembly of roughly anthropomorphic plastic sheeting, with red glowing orbs and tentacular protrusions who presides over the Rogue Cthulhu room like a sovereign Elder God of Gaming. He's the Big Steaming Pile! But where is the BSP? Rumor has it that he did not travel home with the rest of the Rogues. Alas, this rumor is TRUE. The BSP did not make the return trip to Canton, and this was his intention from the onset. The BSP had planned to retire at the conclusion of this year's show. Long had he toiled over the decision, but ultimately he knew what had to be done. When asked why this would be his last performance as the centerpiece to the Rogue room, he stated, "I want to go out like all the Great (old) Ones of the past.. On top!" But do not despair, Rogue Cthulhu is already interviewing for his replacement. The (elder) Gods willing, next year will mark the beginning of a new era, and will see a new King reign supreme over our dark and hallowed halls.

UPDATE: Apparently unable to walk away from the spotlight, the BSP was seen leaving Origins with representatives from BashCon. It is rumored that he is in negotiations with them concerning representing their Cthulhu events for next year, and if things go well, possibly engaging in a long term contract. We will post confirmation of this rumor when it becomes available.

UPDATE: It has been relayed to RC staff that the BSP never made it to BashCon. In fact, he never made it home with his new owners. As the story goes, the driver who was transporting the BSP was in a car crash on the way home from Origins. As it turns out, having the BSP stuffed into her car served to cushion the impact and possible saved the driver's life. This heroic end only serves to deepen our affection for our bygone mascot. Elder Gods speed BSP.

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