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Shoggoth.net replaces RC as Cthulhuthon '05 administrators

In a move that should surprise no one, GAMA has decided to bestow the task of running this year's Cthulhuthon to Shoggoth.net administrator David Noal. No doubt Rogue Cthulhu's disappointing performance with last year's Cthulhuthon, and Shoggoth.net's strong relationship with Chaosium contributed to the switch. While one might view this as a hit to RC's pride, we are in fact relieved that we will be able to focus on our own show and be saved from another possible embarrassment. Rogue Cthulhu administrators have had lengthy discourse with the new Cthulhuthon administrators to help them to avoid some of the failures that killed last year's Cthulhuthon, and we are working closely with GAMA, David Noal and other Shoggoth.net people to help make this year's Cthulhuthon, as well as our own events, an unparalleled success. Rogue Cthulhu is also pleased by the opportunity this has afforded us to increase our interaction and strengthen our ties with Shoggoth.net, its people, and other groups in the Mythos community. We wish David luck with this undertaking, and pledge to provide whatever assistance we are able to ensure a good time is had by all Cthulhu fans.

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