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Rogue Cthulhu on hiatus for 2006

Many of you have been wondering "Where is Rogue Cthulhu this year?" Well, we took the summer off. Several of our GMs had previously told us that they would be unavailable this year due to other committments. When it came time to set up the schedule it was clear that we would not be able to put on the Really Big Show that you all know and love. Rather than put on a much smaller schedule of events and have none of the special features that we work so hard at, we decided to take the summer off, and play in a few games for once. We spent this year relaxing, playing in games by Miskatonic Skulls and Shoggoth.net, and working on recruiting for next year's show. Don't worry, Rogue Cthulhu isn't finished yet. We're just taking a long needed rest.

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