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New sponsors for the Rogue Prize Table for 2007

We are proud to announce thqat we have lined up several new, and recurring, sponsors for this year's famed Prize Table. First time contributors this year include;

  • MeatSpider Studios - Creator of superb Mythos sculptures.
  • WizKids - Creators of the new HorrorClix miniatures game.
  • Gutsnstuff - Creator of excellent make-up effects and props for Mythos, horror and alien related projects.
  • Gallery of Cthulhu - Creators of Fina Art and Propwork in the Lovecraftian Tradition
  • Nox Arcana - Creators of awesome horror music and soundscapes.
  • Monolith Graphics - Distributors of the gothic fantasy artwork of Joseph Vargo.
  • The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society - Makers of the hit film "The Call of Cthulhu", as well as other terrific film, musical and prop creations too numerous to mention.
  • Cthulhu Live - Creators of the Cthulhu Live LARP rules, now in their 3rd edition.

Returning to continue their support of Rogue Cthulhu are;

  • Midnight Syndicate - Probably the most popular creators of horror soundscapes ever.
  • ZARONO - A talented artist and one of eBay's most highly touted creators of Mythos related props and curios.
  • MRX Designs - Rogue Cthulhu's own Rev. Marx lovingly crafts his own props and sundries which he donates to our worthy cause.
  • Chaosium - Publishers of the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

Several others have pledged to send items as well. Their names will be posted as soon as we receive confirmation. Thank you all for your support!

Oh yeah!