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Rogue Cthulhu's 10 year anniversary

2008 markes the 10 year anniversary of Rogue Cthulhu presenting events ar Origins. Looking back at the past 10 years, I am proud of the effort we put forth. We have accomplished everything we had set out to do and more than we though possible. Rogue Cthulhu began as a club in the summer of 1998 and debued at Origins 1999 with an unprecidented 30 Call of Cthulhu event slots. After a forced hiatus in 2001, RC returned to Origins in 2002 with "The Really Big Show", blowing away all expectations with an unparralelled production of costumes, lights, sound, decorations and of course the best CoC roll playing games available. Taking a break (this time voluntary) in 2006, RC returned once again in 2007 to continue the tradition of greatness. The years have brought about many changes for RC, including a nearly complete turenover of key personnel, but the spirit of improving the gaming experience and the commitment to excellence has never wavered. Now, 2008 markes Rogue Cthulhu's 10 year anniversary (although only its 8th showing at Origins), and we have some great treats in store for all our loyal fans!

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