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Bye bye, Shubby Sunday

Long time players will note that this year's schedule does not feature any events on Sunday. Sunday is the day we traditionally reserve for our adult only adventures known as Shubby Sunday events. This year we actually had scheduled two more Shubby Sunday events than usual, but the GAMA staff rejected all of our adult themed events. In our early communications with GAMA, they told us that a new adventure, "The Glass Unicorns", was being rejected due to the fact that the scenario centered around child abuse, a very hot-button topic in today's society. The veteran event "White Water Ahead!" was also rejected. When asked why, one GAMA staffer said "sodomy" was the reason (despite this being the 21st century, and our argument that the event does not necessarily feature sodomy). We asked if their objection was to any sexually themed material, and they said "no". However, after asking us to submit a synopsis of all our Shubby Sunday events, they were all rejected as being innappropriate for the convention. Rogue Cthulhu made every effort to make assurances that these events were isolated from under-aged players and that the players who participated were well informed of their content and that they have been well recieved in the past. Our arguments, however, were ineffective at reversing the decision. We hope that in years to come, we will be able to bring back this unique track of adult gaming. If you want to see Shubby Sunday or other sexually themed events at Origins, please cointact the GAMA event staff and let them know.

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