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Con on the Cob 2013

What became of the darkness?

Whew! If you're like us at Rogue Cthulhu, you have settled down and unpacked from Con on the Cob 2013 some time ago. It was an adventurous and insane few days in Hudson, Ohio. Con on the Cob 2013 marked the third small con that Rogue Cthulhu has attended in the last 2 years, along with our BIG SHOW at Origins 2013. I, Byron Wingate, was given the honored position of Small Con Coordinator in 2012 when Rogue Cthulhu attended its first con outside Origins in its history. I will admit, I had no idea what Marx goes through each year for Origins. Let me say this, it can make you go insane! Coordinating 20+ events over a few days, involving several GM's has some logistical challenges, albeit nothing like our larger show I am sure. While being difficult to pull together, the outcome was a grand sight indeed. Con on the Cob 2013 involved a few new things this year, including new GM's, new scenarios, and new decorations. Writing a review of our show was a task handed to me by Head Rogue Admin, Marx. In my usual style the deadline passed by twice and he had to light a fire to get me to do it. ADHD is not my friend. If you joined us at CotC 2013 then we were glad to see you. If you haven't then what are you waiting for? Come by and see what goes on in that darkened black lit room with eerie music and loud games. Well here goes......

The first thing I need to do in this review is thank the fans who came by to support us at CotC. Without you we wouldn't have a show at all. I also would like to thank all the GM's who took time out of their schedules to help us put on this event. A salute to the new GM's: Richard Ferris, Heather Ferris, Roman Nitze, Randall Wingate and also our Rogue Minion, Tyler Wingate who helps with carrying things I don't want to and of course putting up with my banter. I will give a small review hopefully without some spoilers if you see these games again in the future.

The first game I would like to talk about is Ghost Island. Richard Ferris joined us this year after being a long time avid player. I always enjoy having Richard in one of my games. I knew if his GMing was anything like his play skills, the game would be great. Richard went for the 8am slot for Friday Morning. The game sold out! Awesome indeed! I was a little miffed I didn't get to sit in and see what Ghost Island had to offer. Luckily for me, Richard had decided after play testing it at Queen City Games, to run a second slot on Saturday Morning. While being a little early for me, I was energized to play. Richard used the Savage Worlds rules but made his own sanity system. Richard began the game unfolding a large map of our location which was extremely detailed. A look at the characters and I was impressed with their backgrounds and details. Something Rogue prides ourselves in. Richard then took out a stack of photos that had to be over and inch and a half thick. The visual aids really painted a strong image for us to immerse ourselves in. Ghost Island was a grand slam!! Thanks for the great game Richard!

Next up we have new GM, Roman Nitze. Roman brought a gritty Twilight 2000 game with house rules for sanity. Something we've never done before. While I didn't get to play I looked in on Gates of Hell and I was immediately struck by the notion he meant business by the fact he was dressed in full German fatigues. Roman did a great job using the visual effects of the room by creating neon glowing character sheets and play aids. Roman is a great tactician and knows his military history well. The game went over well and Players and GM had a great time! Thanks Roman for joining our cadre of GM's!

Heather Ferris was running a scenario called Auschwitz using savage worlds rules. While not technically scheduled to run in the Rogue room, we moved her in there for her game. The game ran well and players had a great time. I was thoroughly impressed by her ability to run a table with only a few players. Thanks for running with us at CotC! We hope to see you running with us again at Origins and Cotc next year.

Next we have Randall Wingate, who besides being a new Rogue GM, he is also my oldest son. It was a great feeling seeing him step up to the plate to run with us this year. His scenario, Secrets of the Third Reich, was well put together and his props and visual aids complimented the scenario well. I look forward to seeing this scenario at Origins and his new one he is working on now. While I don't want to spoil anything it will be set in New Orleans and involve the eerie and dark mythos of Voodoo!

Keeper X, a.k.a. Don Johnson, was back again, this time with a newly written scenario called The Reckoning. It was set in the wild west around the end of the civil war. It was a great adventure and I got the pleasure of playing in it on Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed playing an illiterate outlaw cook and was the only survivor that game!

Tom “The Viking” Arnott ,as he is recently known, ran a few old scenarios including, Vesuvian Man, a scenario set in the final days of Pompeii in Roman Era and Terror in the Depths. The Viking had some all new scenarios to show off and play test also. The first scenario was Abyssal Gate which was set in the aftermath of a prior scenario. His second scenario was a futuristic era scenario called Final Approach. All scenarios were well received and great feedback was received from the players. I look forward to seeing these again in the future and hope I get the chance to play in them at Origins. A big thanks to the Viking also for his hard and laborious work with set up and tear down, usually on a few hours of sleep.

Last, I will give a review on my own games. I ran two old ones with Duty and Despair and Over the Rhine, both of which failed to go off. The new scenarios I had selected to run were Cold Case, a scenario involving a group of Syracuse students investigating a cold case murder for a school project, which had some great props and was a blast not only to run but also to write. The second scenario was Mists of Lochnagar, a WWI German unit must set up a forward observation post just before a major offensive in 1917. Both of the new scenarios play tested great and will be run again at Origins 2014.

Overall, Rogue planned to run a total of 88 hours of Cthulhu fun and pulled most of that off. We did have a few cancellations due to lack of players during certain games and time slots, but most games went off. We will definitely be back to Con on the Cob in the future. The small con gives us a chance to play in a few games, play test scenarios before Origins and give new GM's a trial run. It was great seeing a wide genre of Cthulhu scenarios and styles. We will most likely be running with some new systems as well as we move more towards being a more diverse gaming organization. If you haven't played in a Rogue Cthulhu game I encourage you to do so, you may be hooked.

Thanks to Andy Hopp of CotC and Frank Belter of MSTB Gaming for inviting Rogue Cthulhu to run at Cotc 2013. We will see you all at Origins 2014. Look for the biggest and best Rogue Show yet. We will feature even more new GM's and scenarios for your enjoyment. Until then!

Byron “Blackhand” Wingate

Rogue Cthulhu

Small Con Coordinator

Oh yeah!