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2020 Update

Hello everyone!  It's 2020, and there have been some major changes at Rogue Cthulhu recently. For more information on those changes ou should check out the recent posts on our facebook page at facebook.com/roguecthulhu. The short version is, after a four year hiatus, Co-Founding member Marx Stead is now back at the helm of Rogue Cthulhu. We give a very heartfelt and well deserved Thank You to Byron Wingate and all the other RC staff and members that have been doing a fantastic job keeping RC growing and thriving since 2016.


This website is woefully out of date and has not been maintained since the change of leadership back in 2016. But rest assured, it is in the process of getting a major overhaul that will better reflect the current state of the club and service our members and fans going into the future. Stay tuned for more updates about upcoming shows (Origins 2020) and more about the recent club changes.

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