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The 2003 schedule errata is UP

The event schedule for Origins 2003 is now available on the Origins On-line event list, however there are still a few errors on that list that we have been working to correct. Please note that the event schedule listed on our web page, HERE, is correct.

Featured artists on the Prize Table

This year the Rogue Prize Table will feature some fabulous creations by two of the most recognizable Cthulhu craftsmen on the internet. Uncle Selrach and Zarono! These talented artists have graciously agreed to donate pieces from their horrifying collections to the Rogue Cthulhu cause. To get just a taste of their work, follow the links below.
eBay Auctions by ZARONO
eBay Auctions by Uncle Selrach 

Deadline for 2003 scenarios

Here at Rogue Cthulhu Headquarters, deadlines come all too soon. We have to have our schedule prepared for the 2003 Origins pre-registration book, by the end of the year. So, if you have a scenario you would like to submit for next summer's show, we need to have it in our grubby little mitts by Dec. 15th. You can send your adventure submission via email to roguecthulhu.com, or by snail mail to Rogue Cthulhu PO Box 80711 Canton, OH 44708. Please be sure that they meet the submission criteria as outlines on our Submissions Page.

The 2003 schedule is IN

The event schedule for Origins 2003 is finished and has been turned in to GAMA. It will soon be available for viewing on their web page, but you can see it now on our updated Schedule Page.

RC's Triumphant Return

Rogue comes on like Gang-Busters in the come back performance of a lifetime. Origins 2002 marks the triumphant return of Rogue Cthulhu after a one year ban by WotC. Despite the attempts of outside forces to have Rogue black-listed, GAMA, who now runs Origins, offered Rogue the chance to prove themselves. The bad boys of gaming spent their year off planning the biggest, most ambitious, most elaborate multi-media production that Origins gamers have ever seen. To read more about how it turned out, visit the Photo Scrapbook (available NOW!).

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