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Introducing... Rogue Points

This year at the Origins Gaming Convention, Rogue Cthulhu will unveil a new program that will put all other meaningless point award schemes to shame. Imagine getting instant rewards for exceptional role-playing that you can turn into FABULOUS PRIZES!!! No more hollow platitudes, egocentric titles or buckets full of umpteengazillion imaginary I'm-better-than-you points that go nowhere and do nothing. Now, for the first time in recent memory, Rogue Cthulhu gives you Awards that Reward. Players in Rogue events, this year and ever onward, will receive instant on the spot awards of Rogue Points for outstanding role playing, flashes of brilliance, or just because we like the color of your shirt. The sky is the limit on what you can do with these little beauties once they are in your hands. You can drill a hole through them and wear them like jewelry, take them home and use them to level that wobbly end-stand, or re-tile you bathroom floor with them. You can even grind them into a fine powder and sprinkle them like fairy dust to ward off evil spirits while you sleep. But you'll probably want to save them up and cash them in at the Rogue Prize Booth for a variety of gaming delights that can be yours for the taking. Rogue Points are only available by playing in Rogue Cthulhu gaming events, so sign up today!

Pre-Registration Book errata

The Origins 2002 Pre-Registration book is out, and as is to be expected, it has the usual quota of inaccuracies. There are several errors concerning Rogue Cthulhu events that you need to know about, some big, some small. For the most accurate information concerning Rogue events, always refer to the Rogue Cthulhu web site. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ROGUE CTHULHU EVENT SCHEDULE. 

Rogue Cthulhu adds new games for 2002

Rogue Cthulhu announces today, the addition of two new game systems to it's already impressive roster. Origins 2002 will be the first year that Rogue Cthulhu will run "Cults Across America", by Atlas Games and "The Hills Rise Wild!", by Pagan Publishing. Multiple sessions of each boardgame are planned to be scheduled throughout the weekend, with prizes for each provided by Rogue Cthulhu, Atlas Games and Pagan Publishing. Rogue Cthulhu is proud to present these great Cthulhu Mythos related boardgames and wants to thank both Pagan and Atlas for their support.

Rogue Cthulhu gets green light from GAMA

Despite the efforts of certain unnamed parties within the gaming industry to attempt to have Rogue Cthulhu black-listed, The Game Manufacturers Association, who own and now run the Origins Gaming Fair & Expo, have generously agreed to give Rogue the opportunity to prove to the world that they can play nice with others. How this translates to you is... ROGUE IS BACK !! And we've got a MONSTER show planned for you in 2002! Yes, kiddies, your favorite Cthulhu gamers are back with a vengeance, and we are raising the bar once again with an all new show that is gonna knock your socks off. We've got a brand new line-up of Call of Cthulhu adventures, as well as some old favorites. Making a return will be the fabulous Shubby Sunday, Adult Only, adventures. Also returning is the famous And Then There Was One" all night Cthulhu-cthon, and this year it is going to be KILLER! And making their debut in this years schedule are "Cults Across America" and "The Hills Rise Wild!". You won't want to miss it!

New Rogue Cthulhu gear available online

Now you can own a piece of the legend. Rogue Cthulhu brings you a fresh new line of products liberally salted with stylish Rogue imagery. Now you can own a Rogue Cthulhu mousepad, a Rogue Cthulhu coffee mug, a Rogue Cthulhu sweatshirt, t-shirt, tote-bag, ballcap and more, adorned with a variety of full color Rogue icons. Choose from such classics as: Pirate Pete, the seafaring cephalopod; Peg-Leg, the octopoidial amputee pirate; The King in Yellow; Arkham Sanitarium Outpatient Program; and more. They make great holiday gifts! And proceeds go to help support the Rogue Movement. Order on-line from the Rogue Cthulhu Merchandise page. Buy yours today!

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