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New server for Rogue Cthulhu website

Rogue Cthulhu has moved its web page to a new server. If you have bookmarked any page other than www.roguecthulhu.com you will need to update your bookmarks. In addition, the forwarding address previously used by Rogue (www.bigfoot.com/~roguecthulhu) is no longer functioning. The email address (@bigfoot.com) however, is still functioning and is expected to remain in service. Also, our new mail service on the roguecthulhu.com web server is operational. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our move.

Rogue Cthulhu pulls out of DragonCon 2001

As of 7-14-01, Rogue Cthulhu has canceled it's 2001 appearance at DragonCon. We deeply regret having to cancel this show, however, due to money and manpower limitations, it will be impossible for us to attend. We apologize to all of you who were looking forward to seeing us there, and especially to the DragonCon staff whom we have inconvenienced by this change of plans. We sincerely hope to add DragonCon to our schedule in the near future.

Chaosium angered by Rogue

When Rogue Cthulhu announced in April that they had been banned from appearing at Origins, some of our devoted fans took it upon themselves to contact Rob Bane of the WotC Events Management team to find out what had gone wrong. Those fans then reported to us that they had been told that Rogue had angered WotC (no doubt, true), had angered Chaosium (say what?), and several other industry figures (no specifics). For the interim the Rogues have been scratching their heads trying to figure out what they could have done to have upset the fine people at Chaosium, with which we have no serious complaints or conflicts. At Origins, Rogue got their chance to talk to the Chaosium staff face to face and find out what had come between us as was reported to our fan by WotC. After several discussions with Dustin Wright of Chaosium, it was concluded that no such estrangement exists. Dustin had no knowledge of any Chaosium staff taking umbrage with Rogue Cthulhu and no idea why WotC should report such a thing. When confronted by Rogue with this revelation, Rob Bane of WotC replied; "Well, that wasn't the situation last fall."

Origins 2001 a success, despite WotC ban

The Origins Gaming Fair & Expo turned out to be an incredibly productive weekend for Rogue, despite the fact that Wizards of the Coast had banned us from running events or promoting our group there this year.
Click here for the full story of our Origins 2001 experience. 

Rogue rousted at GenCon by RPGA

Rumor has it that Rogue Cthulhu appeared at GenCon 2000 and was given rough treatment by the RPGA. The RPGA was said to have had a heated run in with Rogue about using one of their play tables, after which, Rogue was thrown out of the RPGA's play area and was forced to find another table to finish their game. This rumor is mostly FALSE. Rogue Cthulhu has never attended GenCon. When questioned about the alleged confrontation, one Rogue member said laughingly; "You know that couldn't have been us, because there would have been a fist fight." More reliable sources have stated that there was a group of people playing Cthulhu at an RPGA table, who were asked (nicely) to relocate, as that table was scheduled to be used for an RPGA game. The group reportedly complied without incident.

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